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Thursday, 26 December 2019

5 Birthday, Xmas, New Year Gifts at Prices Less Than $7 (N2,000)

Your friend or family will be a year older in a few days or you just want something unique this Xmas or New Year for a friend? You plan to grace the day with a gift but checking your pocket, you’re a bit disappointed. Don’t be. You can spend so much less while you still impress a birthday celebrant or a family this season.

This post will give you 5 presents you can give to a friend without spending too much and still remained appreciated for the next 365 days and later.

1. Wrist Watch/Smart Watch

One birthday/Xmas or New Year gift anybody will appreciate is a wristwatch. Watch is fashion! Even where the celebrant already has some you’re aware of, he’ll still love adding to his collection.
1st Best Birthday Gift You Can Give at Price Less Than $7 (N2,000)
Wrist Watch
You don’t have to go expensive here. Watches that cost less than $5 (#1000 - #2000) are available online. You can save some pain by taking the time to compare prices on different online shops. Link to check is below this post!

2. Books - Motivational Especially

There are two things I’ve ever been appreciated for – books I gave people and my motivational words. A book can combine the two.

2nd Best Birthday Gift You Can Give at Price Less Than $7 (N2,000)
People still appreciate books. You don’t need to see the effect of your gift in the face of the celebrant immediately. She may be back two years later to quote a statement from it and remind you – you gave her the book.

Wide variety of motivational books is available for your birthday/Xmas or New Year gifts online.

You don’t only give him a book, you may through that, change a life for better.

3. Underwear - Show him or her you know more

Does that sound weird? No, don’t be ridiculous.

Nothing is bad in given friends fitted underwear as a birthday/Xmas or New Year gift. It’s not only a gift on this occasion; it shows you know much about him or her especially if it’s perfect on the body.

3rd Best Birthday Gift You Can Give at Price Less Than $7 (N2,000)
How can you know someone’s pant, bra or singlet size if you’re not really interested in them?

It says more than a gift.

4. Stationary - Perfect for Students 

Is your friend still a student? Then consider school stationery. Show me a student who doesn’t appreciate items like diaries, exotic pens, scientific calculator, mathematical set etc.

4th Best Birthday Gift You Can Give at Price Less Than $7 (N2,000)
Studies items
Considering these as gifts, especially if you know he lacks ones, will not break your bank.

Even though you can find these in local shops, yet checking online will let you not only compare prices but also see different designs and colors that you’ll love.

5. Pen Drive - For someone with a computer or tab

5th Best Birthday Gift You Can Give at Price Less Than $7 (N2,000)
Tech thing
If your friend is a computer savvy, he will love a flash drive as a birthday/Xmas or New Year gift.

Lately, flash drive makers are adding beauty to drives with artistic touches. We now have a flash drive with key-holder, bat-man design, spider-man look, etc.

A friend may appreciate this so much.

However, online shops are the only places to have it all and at competitive prices.

Where To Buy and at What Price?

Generally, people love gifts. Giving them the perfect one is the most appreciative thing.

I assure your friend will fall to one of the 5 categories above if you can do some thinking. And also, you’re doing well not breaking the bank to celebrate him or her.

Even at these unbeatable prices, you can still save more money simply by following tips in 7 Ways to Save Money When Buying from Online Shops.

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