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Monday, 26 August 2019

5 Best Cheapest Android Phones You can Buy Now – Available in All Countries

Looking for cheap phones is not a problem. Coming across ones with averagely the same qualities you find in most premium phones is rear.

We all want to buy a phone that is android, premium-looking, long-lasting, bigger-screen, durable, perfect for all apps and ready to play any games - all for the cheapest possible price.

If you want to save money while you enjoy the best out of your phone, the post below will be your perfect guide.

Here is the list of 5 best cheapest android phones you can find now in the market irrespective of the country you are.

1. Leagoo KIICAA for a price less than $60 (#19,500)

This was a phone I once recommended for a student. She returned to thank me for the take.

Leagoo KIICAA comes with 5’’ screening. Not only that, but the screening is also big enough, it’s equally perfect for your movies, reading and gaming.

With Android version 7.0 Nougat, 2G RAM and 16GB ROM, it allows you to enjoy what other premium phone users are paying a huge amount for.

One convincing quality is the dual camera. This is the feature you can only find in phones like iPhone 7, Oneplus 6 and Samsung S9+. The camera packs 8MP+5MP at the back with 5MP for your selfies. Though not as quality as the top and premium phones. Yet, you enjoy holding something closer.

The battery capacity even beats what you find in the top tier phones. With 4000mAh battery capacity, you’ll enjoy the whole day with your music, movies, gaming and social time.

2. Cubot R9 for a price less than $65 (#24,500)

The design of this phone and its sleekness is one advantage it has over others. Giving you a perfectly premium looking value will attract attention from on-lookers.

Cubot R9 is a dual camera, 5-Inch (2GB, 16GB ROM) Android 7.0 Nougat, 13MP + 5MP 3G smartphone perfect for anything you may want to throw at it.

This is a perfect pal for music lovers, light gamers, and social media enthusiasts. Its fingerprint boasts 0.1 seconds unlock.

3. Leagoo Z6 for a price less than $55 (15,990)

If you’re more on a budget but you want something durable, eye-catching, premium looking smart android phone, I recommend Leagoo Z6.

This phone doesn’t lack in anything than ROM, which is just 8GB. If you’re not such a person that carries more of music and movies on phone or you can afford or have a spare memory card, that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Leagoo Z6 packs 5.0-Inch (1GB RAM + 8GB ROM) Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 5MP + 2MP Dual SIM 3G functions.

So what else will you need in a phone that this hasn’t given you?

4. Bontel R10 at a price less than $65 (#23,500)

Another great phone that gives you premium-looking taste, with relatively low RAM and ROM. The shape blows mind really.
It surprises me with its backup. If you’re a heavy user and want a phone that can sustain you for about three days without charging, then consider Bontel R10 with its 6000mAh battery.

Another advantage over others is the 5.5" Screen, Android 7.0  8GB+1GB, 13MP Back Camera, 8MP Front Camera.

5. Combo V5 for a price less than $60 (#20,500)

This can be the best phone for you if you’re interested in the design and beauty of your partner.

It lacks in terms of the Android version and other specifications but not a deal-breaker.
I’m more convinced after reading what other users are saying about it.

With 3000mAh of battery life plus Screen Protector and Earphone, paying for this is the right buy.

Where to Buy and At What Price

First, you may need to search for the name of the particular phone you want when the pages below open.

Even at these unbeatable prices, you can still save more money simply by following tips in 7 Ways to Save Money When Buying from Online Shops.

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