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Sunday, 15 September 2019

7 Ways to Save Money When Buying from Online Shops

How to Save Money When Buying Anything on Jumia, Konga, Amazon, etc

In the last ten years, 80% of my purchase was made online. I had bought items including smartphones, wristwatches, phone accessories, furniture, generating sets, computers, perfumes, etc from Jumia, Konga, Amazon to mention but a few.

It wouldn’t have been friendly if I don’t see shopping online more time-saving, money-saving and pleasurable.

Buying your items online has more pros than cons. Except you don’t want to take to what the world is doing right now, shopping online is so good. Most importantly, you can mostly save cash. But how?

Below is a piece that guides you on how to save money while shopping online.

1. Compare Prices among Merchants

In fact, if you’re on tight-budget, shopping on stores will allow you to compare prices at different shops.

Thousands of merchants have stores on Jumia and Konga. When you search for an item to buy, the page will present you the list of items available and the shops selling them. Then, you’ll see price each seller intends to part the item. Choose your best price. I have saved a ton of money using this simple approach.

2. Use Coupons/Vouchers

Those shops want you to buy from them. And they give you regular promotions in the form of coupons or vouchers. Coupons are assigned codes that if you enter at your checkout-stage will reduce your price.

For example, if you’re given a coupon code (e.g FRI#2000). This code may be assigned to reduce your total price by #2000 if you enter it at checkout.

But how do you get coupons?

You can check the Jumia Voucher of the day here.

You can also subscribe to posts on this website. I will be updating you through your emails when coupons are available for you. Check below this post for a box to submit your emails.

I’ve got coupons more than #20,000 in the last one year though series of daily, weekly or monthly vouchers. You can get and use them too.

3. Buy More

Imagine you intend to buy a perfume online, but you have to pay almost half of the price for the delivery or shipping service. You may be discouraged to go ahead. Don’t be! What do you do instead? Buy more!


Method 1

When buying an item from a shop, click the name of the shop (usually located at the top of the item you wan to buy) and see other things the shop has in stock. Check thoroughly to see if there’re other stuffs you may be interested in. Pick one or more of other items from the same shop and add them to your cart.

By now you may have about three items in your cart – FROM THE SAME SHOP.

They will deliver the items to you at ONLY one shipping cost. In other words, one shipping cost covers for all items in your cart provided it’s from the same merchant/shop.

Method 2

Since you can use up one perfume in just a month and still want to order another the following month, you can just order three or four (together) to avoid separate delivery cost per month.

Method 3

You can ask a friend or partner if he will be interested in any items in the shop. Hence, you can share the shipping cost on terms.

4. Consider Pick-Up Station 

If you’re close to Jumia or Konga pick-up stations, consider delivery with that option to save shipping cost.

Pick-up stations are warehouses where the online shops deliver your items temporarily before dispersing it to individual buyer’s house or address. You'll be asked to choose this option at your checkout stage.

If you prefer picking your items up there, it saves shipping fee. Though it works well if you are closer to the station or you’ll be around there for something else anytime sooner.

5. Consider FREE DELIVERY Items

Some items will be tagged “FREE DELIVERY” when shopping around. If their prices are suitable for you, take that instead.

You get your items with no further charges.

6. Use a Friend or Family Address

When delivering to Lagos address, these online stores usually do FREE DELIVERY.

This may be a saver if you can just use a family’s or friend’s address. The person gets the items on your behalf and brings it to you or get it over to you through someone – just the same way you send a novel to a family outside your state.

7. Check if the Item is in Deals of the Day

Those stores daily enlist some products for customers to buy at the cheapest price than usual. This offer is usually under the deals of the day.

So, when you're ready to pick that item, check up the deals of the day first. If it contains your item, you've saved some bucks.

See Jumia and Konga Deals of the day now

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