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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

8 Low Price Perfumes, Body Sprays or Fragrances with Premium Scent

8 Perfumes and Body Sprays you Can Buy at a Lower Price with 4-5 Stars Rating. 

You already have your suit, trousers, belt, underwear, and shoes on. But something is missing unless you’re not a friend of scent.

If you’re comfortable using perfume and body spray but you don’t have much budget for that, you may save some money if you consider any of the perfumes and body sprays below.

You’re going to be surprised by what you can buy with a budget as low as $3 (#900).

1. Instyle Ed Hardy (Impression) Sheer Body Mist 


Debbie said "Really nice and lasts long. My best so far. "

Lady said, "I love everything about it "

Ogbodo said, " You should get one for yourself "

April said, "Smells really lovely"

Oyin said, "the fragrance is heavenly and it is long-lasting "

Above are few of positive reviews you get for a perfume that only costs less than $3 (#800)

It packs an explosion of fruits opens the accent including Tropical Mango, Wild Strawberries and Ruby Red Grapefruit vintage floralcy with a Rock'n Roll Edge brings a dark eeriness including Black Freesia. It is a delicious and very addictive fragrance.

2. Instyle Coco Mademoiselle (Impression) Colognes for Women


Just like one for men, Instyle gets women covered for CoCo Mademoiselle. A 4-star perfume supporting you with 100ml of fragrance.

Instyle Fragrances are top quality and are made in the US.

You can get this at a price less than $3 (#700)

3. Cotton Club EDP For Men

This can be better for men really with its woody fragrance.

It has been winning between 4 to 5 stars among users. The scent to me is perfectly matured and natural.

You can buy this price less than $3 (#700) right now

It packs a woody fragrance for men invoking the feeling of strength and virility. Ideal for day time use, its tops notes are lavender and bergamot, at the heart there is lily-of-the-valley. The base finishes this masculine scent with sandalwood, patchouli, Virginia cedar, and vanille....Thank you for choosing to shop with Easy access!

4. Cuba 4 Pieces Variety Perfume With Cuba Gold, Blue, Red & Orange 

It packs 4 in 1. Isn't that too much for a perfume less than $5 (#1500)?

Though each bottle is 35ml, together you have a 140ml worth of fragrance.

Suitable for both men and women, Cuba wins some hearts with reviews below.

Jane, "The different fragrance in the perfume bottles are so lovely"

Rahyour, "Not as expected in size but Its scent is fabulous"

Cuba 4-in-1 comes with four different fresh and lovely fragrances to suit your various mood. It can also be suitable as a gift set to your loved ones.

5. Instyle Unforgivable (Impression) Colognes For Men 

Get the best impressions of the world's most loved designer fragrances. InStyle Fragrances offers an amazing collection of your favorite designer fragrances, created from the finest fragrance oils and ingredients so you can enjoy amazing scents and long wear.

Instyle Fragrances are top quality and are made in the US.

At a price less than $3 (#780), Instyle Unforgivable packs 100ml of fragrance and has won 5 stars with users reviews.

A buyer said, "Very good product, with lasting scent"

Jay said, "smells nice....niece likes it"

6. Instyle Couture By Juicy Couture (Impression) Colognes For Women 

Better for women, an impression of COUTURE COUTURE by Juicy Couture is a 4-star rated perfume at a price less than $3 (#800).


You can buy immediately online.

These are what users are saying.

Lilian said, "I have made some cash out of this perfume,I made so many sales wow I recommend couture and 212 they are heavenly."

Oluwakemi said, "The perfume is very lovely"

Tracy said, "Really nice scent. It smells feminine and lasts long enough. Didn't expect such for this affordable price."

Chisom said, "Love it. Last longer than I thought. I love the smell too"

Chris said, "Smells mild and good"

7. Efolia Pure Love EXplore Body Spray

If you will prefer using body spray, considering Efolia Pure Love EXplore Body Spray will save you some cash.

I already recommend body spray on occasions such as an interview in my post, "7 Tight-Budget Interview Dresses Perfect for Men" You can check it out.


With the fragrance of 200ml, you enjoy long last scent.

It can be most suitable for women.

At a price less than $5 (#1300) on Jumia or Konga, you enjoy ...

Pure Love Deodorant perfumed body spray is really nice and a long-lasting deodorant. it gives your body a fresh fragrance and a nice smell, it has a long and a lasting fragrance that can keep you all day long. Eskoda deodorant spray is produced with quality ingredients to give you a long-lasting fragrance all day long.

8. Givanas Pyramid April Perfume For Men

Perfect for men, Pyramid April Perfume for Men has a gorgeous fruity fragrance with a floral heart, and a warm, embracing base. Feminine and well balanced, it has top notes of bergamot, luscious pear, and mandarin orange. The heart notes are iris, jasmine and rose. The bottom notes are musk, cedarwood, and amber.

You may not believe a perfume at this price wins 5-star rating from users.

Lawal said, "Delivered within 24hrs..... Very Nice Perfume at affordable price."

Fb said, "This is a perfume that's affordable and also good”

Where to Buy Perfumes and Body Sprays Online

Consider buying one or more on Jumia or Konga now.

If you want to save some money on your online shopping or shipping fee, read my post on how to save cost when you buy on Jumia and Konga

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