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Monday, 16 September 2019

How to Save Items on Online Shops and Buy Later

Save Items on Online Shops and Buy Later

You just stumble on an item on an internet shop such as Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Ali Express but you’re not ready to pay for it now. Perhaps you’ve not budgeted for such yet. Do you still want to come back for the same item when your pocket is favorable?

How to Save Items on Online Shops and Buy Later

This type of scenarios is not uncommon on the net. You find a wristwatch you’ve been longing for or you just read the best news about an item. Then, you check some online stores and find them available but your credit card is skinning for such purchase at the moment.

So you wonder how you can save the item and come back for it tomorrow or days after.

This post will be a specific guide for Jumia, Konga, Amazon, and Aliexpress.

Save Item for later Order on Jumia

You can save an item on Jumia for future order whether you’re browsing using the web browser or their app.

It’s important to log into your account before you can be sure that such an item is saved in your name.

If you don’t have Jumia account yet, you will be redirected to sign up with your email or facebook account.

Follow the steps below to save the item after you’ve logged in.
  • Click on the item you want.
  • Locate the Button “BUY NOW”
  • Below the “BUY NOW”, see “Save for Later”. Click on that.

Your item will be immediately added to your, “My saved items

To see “My Saved Items”, click the down-pointing arrow by the side of your name – right at the top of your page. There you’ll have it.

Save Item for later Order on Konga

  • First, click on the item
  • On the product page, you’ll see a box containing the “Like this Item”
  • Click on that.

Your item will now appear under “Liked Items

To see “Liked Items” take your cursor to where your username appears on the top of the page. It’ll be right under “My Order”

How to buy when you’re ready

To order later, return to your Jumia or Konga account by logging in with your email and the password.

You can also use their apps available for download on Google play store.

Go back to “Saved items” in case of Jumia or “Liked Items” in case of Konga. Click to see the items you kept there and proceed to buy it.

That’s it.

Using this will save you lots of time if you must be searching for the product afresh.

What happens if the order is not in stock Any longer?

If you waste more time before you return to order the items, other buyers might have bought them up.

In this case, you can search afresh for other shops that may have it in stock using the search box at the top of your page.

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