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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Samsung s10e: 7 Best Reasons To Buy Now

If I must recommend S10e, you should be skeptical as to why not the brothers – s10 and s10 plus?

Don’t go to note 10 families. After all, we all know what we want most according to our budgets.

I’d personally used s10e and it’s still one of my best phones so far. The decision to buy it was because I was a small-palmed guy. Though that’s no big deal, yet, I loved reading things compact and small. I don’t want to be noticed while holding my phones.

It seems though the phone still has them all. It’s noticeable while using - flashy, beautiful and even still bigger.

Hearing for the first time that the size is 5.8 may make you think it’s a small beast. No, it’s not! It’s just more compact and smaller in form factor than the brothers and the Note series.

Without further intro, I’m here to share my personal experiences on why I think you will fall in love with Samsung s10e over any other galaxy families or other devices for your mobile needs.

1. Comfortable in Hands

Phone makers are making things look so big now. Oneplus 6, 7 Pro, now 6.7”. I’m sure more of larger size phones will flock the market next year. But why? Must we all use bigger phones? The worst part is those bigger phones are prone to drops and shatters. And it’s hard to convince them we need smaller phones too.

However, we’re lucky to have Samsung giving us this size phone that does all the work of a bigger screen rightly. You have a phone with no bezel. Then, the screen becomes bigger than a large one with noticeable bothers.

2.  Price is Very Important

The worst today is you hardly hold on to a phone for more than two years. Why do you spend above 1000 dollars for one?

Sooner, you will let go at swapper or a local market to get a better one. Then, why not consider a budget-friendly smartphone in your next purchase?

If s10e gives me exactly what I will get with the bigger brothers that cost close to a thousand dollars or an iPhone that is popularly known for its ridiculously high price, s10e is my best take.

I got s10e for less than $600. You’re lucky if you’re just checking out to get one. You can pick one on any online store for less than $450 brand new. Currently, you can buy on Jumia for $438 (#159000).

There seems to be no better time to enjoy the best premium phones than now.

3. No Premium Goodies are Lacking

Before I bought mine, I check around the net for a series of comparison posts and Youtube content between this machine and others such as iPhone XR which Samsung S10e originally intended to compete with.

In very many areas, S10e is a noticeable winner. For all daily apps you use, go for s10e. For the best of display and graphics, your choice is s10e. For battery, s10e, for glass protection, s10e.

However, if you're more of a gamer than regular phone users, you may want to consider iPhone XR. This doesn't mean S10e doesn't match up for games, it's only for the point of reference. I've not noticed a major difference in gaming performance than a millisecond lag at the launch.

4. Flat Screen Helps Grip

I noticed I didn’t drop my phone once in 6 months. It’s because I don’t have to struggle with grips like I did with my s8 plus.

The phone was just so comfortable in hands not just because of the 5.8” screening but because the display was flat. This, of course, is a means Samsung use to know how much people want flat-screen devices again.

You don’t have to worry about content bleeding to the side of the screen with s10e. It gives you all the views scenes right in front of you.

To help you grip and protection further, a case of your phone color is included in the package. It only not give the protection deserved but a beautiful touch from a case like this is rare.

5. The Bigger The memory

Even though the physicality is small, you are carrying a powerhouse with you. With 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, what do you think you’re missing?

I still feel the 6GB RAM is overkill for now. Yet, it’s a bonus for you if you still want to retain your phone more years when new RAM eating apps will come to market.

6. The Earpiece is Amazing

I've used a few phones without earpieces after my s8 plus. You know Oneplus and Xiaomi don't include earpiece still. But when I got 10e, it came with one. Its inclusion was not the big deal here. It's how good it was.

I won't lie to you, I'm a bit rough when it comes to using the earpieces. I so much admit this weakness that I would usually order two more earpieces when I get a new phone. But the s10e earpiece saved me the bucks.

I had really rough-handled its wire and buds without any sign of wear. This gave me the confidence to wash it every week. Mine is white and it gets messed up quickly. After washing, it comes out new and working as day one.

I will cheat Samsung for the good work if I don't include this.

6. Future Proof

Why do you think people change phones now and then? Only a few of us can hold on to a phone beyond the first year of use. Why?

We see new things in the latest smartphones. We have the perceptions that a few things are worth paying for. Those include the beautiful display, design, software, camera, water resistance, wireless charging.

What if I told you, S10e has them all. Then, you can bet on this for a few years to come. You may not see any deals that will wow you to dash this and go for a new one in the next three years.

I’ve noticed that these premium phones usually pack features that midrange phones will be boasting of in the next five years. Men, I sure you complacency with this phone for years.

The Bad of S10e

I'm sure you wan to hear the bad part. There are truly some rarely noticeable issues with s10e. Only if you want more than you pay for, it has all for your daily needs. However, let me show the little secrets.

1. Battery Can Be Better

There is no better place I can consider S10e lacking than the battery which is 3,100mah. Though it sustains you for a day, yet we all love seeing battery taking us beyond.

Don’t consider this as a deal-breaker because the phone supports with fast-charging. And if you use wireless charging, you will love the speed. Don’t worry still, smaller displays don’t drain your juice!

2. No Telephoto Lens

While the brothers have telephoto camera lenses, I don’t miss anything as a regular user – which I bet very many of us are.

My phone is perfect with a wide-angle camera and the primary camera. A few other tech reviewers buy this compromise over higher pricing all in the name of a feature people hardly use.

3. Fingerprint, Why Not on The Screen Too?

I'd fall in love with phones that have fingerprints on the display. S10 and s10 plus have this feature. As a premium phone, Sammy should have given us this on s10e too.

The placement of the fingerprint scanner is embedded to the right side of the phone. Tough very fast and comfortable, it may take left-handed people time to get use to. Even with my right, I easily unlock the phone unintentionally.

I want to assure you though that the face unlock is more perfect if you want to avoid accidental unlocking or discomfort, if left-handed.


I’d talked to you as a user rather than a reviewer. That’s why I saved you all the technical jargon. I know you’re not a techy, you just need a phone that can handle everything you through at it and which will not drain your account.

S10e is not only the right choice now, but you will also hold on to your phone for the next few years without being jealous of the latest twists market and impulse buyers fall for.

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