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Friday, 6 December 2019

Samsung s8: The Proofs It is Still Worth it in 2020

s8 plus vs s8
You can easily be deceived by what tech-savvies like me say about phones. We always move with the trend. Imagine the best phones last year are never talked about this year. But why was it the best then? Did those features that crowned it then no longer needed now or outdated in all angles?

The truth is we follow where the trend goes. But I can be different. I don’t receive review units from any smartphone manufacturers. Hence, I’m not selling for any of them. I use my hard-earned money to buy and use a phone or laptop. If I'm satisfied I praise. If otherwise, I condemn.

Why am I reviewing Samsung s8 and s8 plus now and preaching you should go for it?

Well, I’d personally used it as a daily driver for months. I later sold it to buy s10e which I recently reviewed too. Yet, I still couldn't take my mind off the values s8 plus gave me. And it could be the best buy now that the price has dropped below N90,000.

This post is not to review s8 per se. You'd probably known what the phone looked like and what it could do. I only want to show you why I will still buy the phone a million times if need be. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its flaws. I will make sure to cover that too.

Let’s see why anyone will still fall in love with s8 in 2020.

1. The design is still wow

Lately, it’s becoming difficult to recommend most phones because their designs look dated on release. But when you consider certain aged phones such as s8, you wonder if the engineers had known what the future of smartphones would be like years back.

Holding s8 in the public, only those who follow trends will tell you it’s 2 years old. And if they do, they won’t deny its elegance still. Samsung s8 design may be too difficult for many phones to match as of now.

With a glass back and front design, this phone is still better in design than many smartphones of 2019 and more likely 2020. Instead of going for the plastic-back in the midrange section of Samsung such as A70; that cost about N40,000 more, I will rather recommend s8 and 8 plus.

The curve screen has been one of the competitive advantages Samsung is proud of which competitors are just switching to. If you love curve display, I bet you will love watching movies and reading on your s8.

2. The Display is Years Into The Future

While s8 plus is proud of 6.2” display, s8 retains 5.8”. In either case, you don’t lose a thing. It’s a choice of how big you love seeing things on your phone.

There is probably a very few phones today, that can stand the screen brightness, fluidity, and beauty of Samsung s8. The super AMOLED screen gives colors better in all my comparisons. And checking this side by side with phones made by the same company 2 years later, you hardly see any difference. Don’t fall for numbers!

3. Battery Got Better

I moved from S6 to S8 plus. I was not satisfied with the former’s power support but got used to it and managed things with the brightness settings.

I’d thought I could suffer the same fate with s8 plus. The backup was surprisingly better than any phone I'd used in the past. S8 is powered with a 3000mah battery while the plus (which was mine) has 500mah more.

With the difference in the screening size, there is definitely no major difference in the power drain. You can use your s8 all through the day with moderate use without the need to top up.

For the first time, I could use a Samsung phone confidently without checking the percentage of battery left at the end of the day.

4. Price Wins All

Even without losing a thing, you can still get a brand new s8 at half the price of a used s10 of 2019.

I meant it when I said you lost nothing. People change phones because of trends. Marketing can be so exaggerating bro.

At this ridiculous low price, you still have wireless charging, 3,500mah battery (400mah higher than s10e), gorilla glass 5 (as in s10 series), better camera, face unlocking, iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, and water resistance. So, what do you miss?

That's not enough? S8 is powered with snapdragon 835 which is still more powerful than the processors of those mid-range phones you can buy today for N150,000 and above.

Throw any apps at it, till now, they're run fine. You may experience a quick lag if you play heavy games though, yet, you won’t notice this when you’re already in action.

The Bad of s8 and s8 plus

I don’t like saying this, s8 is never perfect. However, this price, especially now, whatever it’s that it doesn't do well shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

1. Face Unlocking Could Be Better

Though it has three unlocking methods - face, iris, and fingerprint, I prefer the face unlocking. But this could be hurting at night especially when I just woke up. It improved after a few updates. Yet, it’s not as fast as my experience with Oneplus 6.

The fingerprint scanner at back may be difficult to reach all times. Within a few days, it grew on me though. Yet, you can occasionally touch the camera instead of your scanner. This can be annoying if you prefer this unlocking.

2. Android Upgrade to 10 is Maybe

S8 and Plus come with Android 7.0 (Nougat) but upgradable to Android 9.0 (Pie).

With all indications, that may be how far you will enjoy the latest Andriod juice for s8. This, however, doesn’t stop the regular security patches Sammy has promised into the future.


Instead of you buying a midrange phone of 2020, you'll love spending a few dollars less on s8 as this will also give you the same features, if not better.

You can compare prices on Jumia with that on Konga.

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