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Monday, 17 February 2020

Xiaomi Mi 9T or Mi 9T Pro: The One to Buy

I’ve been rocking Mi 9T for some months now. Good to have this phone right at a time I’ve used Asus Zenfone 4, Oneplus 6 and Samsung S10e.

Mi 9T (also called K20 in china) has all the three’s best features I’d thought I would miss.

And just recently a friend who heard of the Mi 9T Pro wanted to be sure if going for the pro version is the best for him. He wanted to know if he should get the non-pro to spend less.

This post is a summary of my experiences using Mi 9T for a few months without a plan to change it anytime sooner.

To be fair to the title of this post, the only difference between Mi 9T (K20) and Mi 9T pro (K20 Pro) is the processor – nothing more.

While Mi 9T has snapdragon 730 as the powerhouse, the pro version is powered by the most recent processor in the similar premium phones - snapdragon 855.

I’ve read a lot about the differences before I bought mine. The argument in favor of the latter is the power of the processor, which I can tell, is just a matter of number on AnTuTu. In daily usage, the difference is not noticeable.

I’ve seen several video comparisons that gave the edge to the non-pro version while opening our daily apps. The pro version may have about a millisecond speed edge while opening only games.

If I have to save about $100 for the margin, Mi 9T is worth going for.

5 Best of Xiaomi Mi 9T/9T Pro

Let me share my experiences using Mi 9T. I don’t have to bother you with lots of numbers and jargon. Take me as a friend who wants to share his experiences using the phone and nothing more. In the end, you may or may not be convinced that this is the right phone for you.

1. The Design is Sleeker

I’ve used several premium android phones as earlier said. Yet, I was surprised to love using Mi 9T with the feeling that my previous phones were missing something in designs.

I have a blue color. This is a unique work of art - combining black with blue. I saw the red one too with black running in the center of like flame.


The look is enough to win you. When that is combined with the slimness of the phone, you love it all. Even with a 4000mAh battery, it never looks or feels bulky. I recently sold a 3,300 mAh Oneplus 6 which is almost as slim as this beast.

The red accent in the power button adds more beauty. The pop-up camera, instead of the competitors’ ugly notches, wins my heart.

Placing fingers on the 6.4" screen to unluck is not only perfect; it saves you the hustle to move phones around before getting into your phone. Don't forget, this is one feature that makes the Samsung S10 costs you about a thousand dollars.

2. Futuristic and Competitive

I follow trends in the phone making industry. This has been the reason why I change phones too often. I’d used 10 phones in just 3 years. What a record?

Well, I’m never satisfied. Perhaps I couldn’t get a perfect phone yet. I want a phone that can do everything I want and save me some bucks. These now I get with Mi 9T.

The phone is so perfect that I think I may need to keep it for more than two years. Yes, you heard me.

Show me a phone, in the future, with any surprising technologies. They will all surround the in-display fingerprint scanner. Some will join the league of bezel-less and pop-up selfie cameras. A few will move to all-glass phone-design. Mi 9T has them all. Then, I may have to wait for so long before I can see any other that will change my mind.

3. The Speed and Memory Hold

If I say I want to keep a phone for a few years, you may be wondering, won’t I exhaust the power, the memory? For Mi 9T/Pro, the answer is “no”.

The phone is proud of 6GB RAM and 64/128GB ROM. Mine is 128GB. Even though this is my daily driver, I don’t have any doubt that I can’t exhaust 64GB within a year.

The 6GB RAM works fine for all apps. You must have heard of phones with higher memory (in number) yet, never capable of keeping apps running in the background. Mi 9T's RAM does its work well.

4. The Needy in Place of Unneeded

I still need 3.5 audio jacks on my phones. I don’t want to charge a phone and its headset daily. While other makers are convincing us that we don’t need wired earpieces, people like me still enjoy that without spending 200 plus on earpods.

Mi 9T gives this without missing anything else important. That’s the needy.

And for those that can convince you it doesn’t have the wireless charging, that doesn't matter to me. I don’t also wash my phones in washing machines or take it inot the pool.

Fast charging has compensated me for the lack of wireless charging. With 18W charging speed, there is yet to be a wireless charger of the same speed record. Just as it takes about 1 hour and a few minutes to charge to 100%, it takes forever before you run out of juice.

I spent more phones and they give no FM radio. Why? Have you thought the same using iPhone X or so? Well, Xiaomi is generously giving you what you pay for. I still enjoy listening to my favorite stations on my Mi 9T.

These are the “needies”.

5. Mi 9T/9T Pro is Stupidly Cheap

While looking for the premium phones, you may need to forget about saving a few dollars. Premium is synonymous to $1000 nowadays. You should be ready to pay more than your salary for a phone that will give you all that Mi 9T gives.

In fact, a few phones selling for higher prices are only enjoying old glories- nothing more.

While only dishing water resistance and wireless charging, Mi 9T gives you everything else for just $200 or less. The camera is not the best. Yet, good enough to compete with any premium phone out there.

3 Worst of Mi 9T/Pro

I’ve actually got a few things to complain about with my Mi 9T.

1. No Card Expansion

Although 128GB ROM can be overkilled for some of us, 64GB ROM can still be exhausted in no time for those that will get that variant.

Although 128GB is perfect, yet that is no excuse for the lack of memory card slot. My 256GB flashcard is idle and waiting to be used Xioami!

2. Color Peeling

Mi 9T is metal-framed. The metal is equally in the color of the phone. After a few months of use, I noticed the color of the bottom part was peeling.

This though was a result of a few drops. And of course, I didn’t use the premium case included for the protection. Sorry, I can't hide that beauty. Yet, I expect more attention to the quality of ink that will survive several falls and brushes.

However, the gorilla glass 5 at both back and front of the phone is as strong as expected. After a rough use, I hardly could notice a few scratches on the display.

3. No Earpiece Included

The excuse could be to reduce the price. Pay a few dollars more for a phone of this quality to get the earpiece along is not a big deal.

Especially with the 3.5 headphone port alive on Mi 9T, I’ll love to use my phone with all components made by Xiaomi instead of buying a third party’s earpiece.

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