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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Oneplus 6 in 2020: Why I Buy This Phone a Hundred Times

I like giving unique reviews of my gadgets, especially phones. I'd reviewed a few phones where I mentioned Oneplus 6 as my past daily driver.

As a techie, I’m never satisfied with a phone. Hence, I change my phones within a few months – usually less than one year to try another thing out there.

One thing I had always wanted to be was a minimalist. I'd wanted to hold on to a phone for 3 or more years and still enjoy it. Then, with that, I would save myself a waste of money. But, it never worked. There would always be something to love about the latest phones.

In fact, once you use a big and premium phone out there, you can hardly go back to the past. You may never enjoy holding any mid-range phone again.

What if I told you I just did that in the past few weeks and I loved my decision. Yes, I went back to my Oneplus 6 after I had sold my Samsung s10e and iPhone 8.

The 5 Best of Oneplus 6 - All Will Convince You
Oneplus 6
Giving away my one time Oneplus 6 was an attempt to experience new things on the other phones. But, if I must be frank with you, there would always be a small unneeded increment between one year and the other.

I don’t want to bother you with what other phones I used after Oneplus 6 had that this one doesn’t. I only want to share my user experiences with Oneplus 6 that made me buy it again.

Without further ado, below are my likes and dislikes for Oneplus 6 from a user point of few rather than a reviewer that sugarcoats so you end up buying.

The 6 Best of Oneplus 6 - All Will Convince You

This may have many things in common with other phones out there. After all, there seems to be little or no departure from very many phones in your local shops. Yet, Oneplus has carefully found ways to stand out of the crowd.

1. The Design is Obviously a Win

Every reviewer out there may start with this too. This is because there is no way you want to start talking about OP6 without your tongue taking it from the sleeker design.

In fact, the compliment I received most before people asked me what I had to share more, is around the design.

“what a sleek phone?” “Is that Samsung or iPhone?” “Tell me the name of that phone”

These are few of what you hear from people at clubs and parties especially when you don’t have it in a case.
How sleeky the Oneplus 6 is.

The design is definitely convincing and so ergonomically made with the glass back curing into the screen.

Holding this beast in my hands feels like it was made for my palm only. The feel is so unique and I love holding it before bed especially if I want to sleep on time.

You won’t believe this little secrete of mine. I wouldn’t use case when going out on parties or clubbing. It completed my dresses. I would remove the case (if used at all) before I read with it on the bed. It made me feel conformable!

2. The Specification is Futuristic

You may be wondering why I came back to Oneplus 6. The answer is that I’m yet to have any other phone that performs so better that I won't miss anything on it.

See, except for us techies and reviewers, I don’t see a reason to be changing phones every year. However, you may be forced to be dashing your money to these phone makers if you’d bought a phone that looked outdated within a few months.

Oneplus 6 is more complete and future-minded right while the engineers were making it. It stands to withstand the innovations of the next 3 or more years of any other makers.

Launched in May 2018, Oneplus 6 is about two years by now. Yet, it has a better look than the latest iPhone 11 with its’ smaller notch and the option to hide the north if you don’t like it.

With this experience, there are probably no newer phones that will make you feel like you should throw it away and go for the latest.

The first time I sold it, I had two intentions. First, I wanted to buy another phone for my next review. (Sorry I couldn't keep it. I’m not a rich reviewer yet). Second, I wanted to know what it was like to use the iPhone which I’d never before used or reviewed. I wanted to experience the Samsung latest software experience - which truly improved from what we were used to before One UI.

Sincerely, my Oneplus 6 is still more satisfactory.

I love recommending what I used instead of what I read or heard about. My personal experiences matter. Samsung phones are great, yet with buggy software. Though not a problem for the Samsung fanboys.

Apple iPhones are wow, yet do not give you the flexibility to use your phone the way you want it and the cost of maintaining the use of your phone is alarming. You have to pay literally for everything. You have to spend more on data to update an app that costs you less data on Android. Imagine!

Well, this post is not meant to compare. But I won’t do enough justice to Oneplus software experience if I don’t take you a bit into the competitions.

Oneplus 6 is not only physically sleek, but the software experience is sleeker. And for the regular software updates and security patches, I can say they’re in the third position after iPhones and Pixels.

3. Ruggedness is Better Even With Glass Back/Glass Front

Oneplus 6 has an Optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors with a 6.28 inches size. The display is 98.4 cm2 (~83.8% screen-to-body ratio)with 1080 x 2280 pixels and 19:9 ratio (~402 PPI density). The phone is protected with the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 both at the back and in the front.

This protection is equally found on other premium phones though. Yet, I don’t know how this company has managed to make hers more rugged.

My wife lightly hit the back of my Samsung s10e against the closet. Then, I lost the glass on the rear camera. A few days later, I noticed another crack below the camera at the back. I didn't even know how that one got there.

I’m not sure these makers are NOT telling us the WHOLE truth.

My Oneplus 6 had dropped severally with just a few scratches NOT cracks and dents. I used it mostly without a case and it dropped without a fear to spend another cash on the repair. If you check a few durability tests on Youtube, you will see the good job Oneplus had done with her phones' glasses.

The only time I use a case on my Oneplus is when I know my days may be rough - outside the office. Luckily, a TPU case out of the box.

4. The Battery is Bigger Than it Looks

When I sold the first Onpelus 6, the buyer had a concern. He was worried about the 3300mAh capacity of the battery.

He was right to be afraid. He had had bad experiences with some phones in the past that promised 4000mAh or more of juice but only served like 2500mAh. This is common among budget phones with MediaTek Chipsets.

One of the advantages Snapdragon chipsets have over MediaTek Chipsets is the conservation of battery. Your battery tends to last longer.

Oneplus 6 is powered by Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 (10 nm), Octa-core (4x2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4x1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver (CPU) and Adreno 630 (GPU). These combined with Android 8.1 (Oreo) which is upgradable to Android 10.0 together OxygenOS 10.3.1 on top can help conserve your power and get you through a full day of heavy use or about one and a half day of moderate use.

If you think you’re a hungry user, the Non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh battery can charge fast at 20W with the company proprietary dash charger.

In short, with Oneplus 6, power is everything.

5. The Camera Stands Up to the Price Paid

After most Samsung and iPhone fanboys had given in to the design, they tend to say, "but in the camera, it can't compete".

It will. Even at an unbeatable price of about $300 for the base model (6GB RAM, 64GB ROM) and about $80 dollars more for the 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM, Oneplus 6 will contend perfectly with the latest from any other makers.

Unless you use Oneplus 6 you may not understand what I'm talking about.

My observation is that other premium phones makers sell what 90% of their buyers won't need in a phone and its camera. Don't buy into gimmicky bro.

Oneplus 6 delivers excellent shots not just average. Check for a few camera comparisons with iPhone X, 11 and Samsung S9 and S10. These are the contenders.

Oneplus gives you want you need in everything including the camera performance during the day and at nights. With its 16.0MP + 20.0MP rear camera + 16.0MP front camera, you get more than you pay for.

And with the continual software updates, cameras and other software experiences keep improving. Your phone keeps being alive.

6. The Little Things Matters

What makes the so-called premium phones premium is attention to detail. Oneplus is no slouch when it comes to taking everything that matters on board and paying attention to details.

Picking up a few phones with beauties, you notice later that antenna lines can be so disgusting if not properly implemented. Oneplus 6 managed to blend antenna lines into this phone that you might not notice.

The lines are seen at the near curve edge of the phone to the right and below the card door to the left and at the extreme edge of the phone. If you buy a mirror black (as mine), you may need to look very closely before you can spot these lines.

The position of the power button is so perfect to the right. Though, I don’t fall for the placement of the volume buttons to the left. To use the phone with this button arrangement, you must get used to the two sides of the phone.

The alert slider implemented by Onpleus in all her phones is one of the things every reviewer is happy about. The button is placed above the power button with a different texture so you can know where you are without looking.

This slider allows you to quickly toggle your phone for silence, ring and vibrate. You'll enjoy being at a meeting, a prayer session, etc without changing things in the software.

Very many premium phones had discontinued the 3.5mm headphone jacks. In fact, Oneplus had joined the league in her Oneplus 6T and other successors. With OP6, you still have your headphone jack. Hence, you don't have to spend extra on buying the Bluetooth headphone.

Unfortunately, no headphones included in the package. You have to buy one. Yet, thank Goodness you still have that option.

A Few Problems I Personally Have With Oneplus 6

No phone is perfect. Oneplus 6 is not too.

1. The Speaker Can Be Louder. 

Though it produces beautiful sound without distortion even at the maximum volume. Yet, I wish it can be louder.

I had used iPhone 8 and Samsung s10e that produced higher sound when I didn’t want to use the headphones.

2. Lack of Expandable Card Slot Can Be Disappointing

I’m not a memory card person until my last s10e came with one as a gift. I wish I could put that to use.

It’ll be convenient being able to move files from a phone to another with a SanDisk. Unfortunately, Oneplus 6 doesn’t have a memory card slot. You must get used to the dual Nano-SIM card slots without expansion.

If you buy the 256GB variant like my new buy or you don’t need more than the base variant with 64GB (the one I sold), the lack of expandable memory slot won’t be a deal-breaker.

3. Lacking Official Water Resistance and Wireless Charging

I wouldn't call this a BUT. Yet, if you must know, this phone doesn't have any rated water-resistance. However, the company had claimed it's water-resistant. A few Youtube videos with water testing had equally shown how capable Oneplus 6 was at resisting water.

I enjoyed washing my phone every morning and a few times during the day with water and shop during the coronavirus period. Kindly wipe and dry with a towel after the cleanup!

But no hiding for Oneplus 6 regards the lack of wireless charging. Not at all! If you think you must charge wirelessly, this is not the right phone for you. If your world has not embraced much of wireless charging, you will love how quickly you can juice up your phone to about 50% within just 30 minutes with the Oneplus dash charger.


Oneplus 6 can be some years old by now. Yet, I can guarantee you won’t get any latest mid-range phones with all the benefits it’s sure to deliver.

From the retention of the headphone jack, battery efficiency, sleep, and top-class design, the phone will not only wow you, but it’s also sure to give you the best look with any dress you put on.

And most importantly, you enjoy its durability, unrated water resistance, and the latest security patches and android upgrade to Andriod 10 which is found on the latest premium phone of 2021 and not even on the mid-range phones out there.

You can check if Oneplus 6 is still available on Jumia.

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