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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Solutions to Phone Black/Dead Screens: Oneplus, Samsung, iPhone, etc

Oneplus 6
This is my first troubleshooting post on this blog. As a matter of fact, it’s best handled if it happens to us in person. This is my experience with my phone that went off with its screen remaining blacks for days before I found the solution.

I wouldn't pretend to be the original owner of these solutions. However, I had learned lots of troubleshooting tactics while trying to make my Oneplus 6 screen to come up again.

These simple solutions had worked for other phones, as gathered, during my researches. If you have a phone that turns on but with the screen not turning on (remains black), you should find any of the tactics below helpful. A few Samsung, iPhone and other phones' users had claimed they worked for them too.

It worked for me eventually. If it could work for us, it should help you too.

Note that, applying one method may not solve your phone screen issue. You may need to apply the second, third or even all before you’re out of this mess.

In this post, I will drop you a step-by-step guide to make your phone's dead screen turns on again.

5 Tactics to Make Your Phone Screen Turn On

Before then, let’s get a few things right:

  1. These solutions will work for you if you wake up and find that your phone turns on but the screen is a blackout. That means, you can still feel touches and vibrations on the phone, or messages and calls coming in but you can't access the content because the screen is dead black
  2. The solutions had also worked for a few people whose phones' screens didn’t turn on at all. This means, both the phone and screen are not turning on. Here a guide applied some of these tactics without success but worked for others that applied them. 

1. Combine Power Button Plus Volume Up Button

This is the first method to make your phone screen come on. And you may still need it to complete any of the other tricks. Take Note! Follow the steps below to details:

  1. Hold the power button together with the volume-up button at the same time for about 15 seconds.
  2. Keep holding until you feel a vibration with the phone start-up logo appearing.
  3. Once, the logo shows, the screen has come up definitely too.
  4. You may try this a few times before the vibration happens with the logo up. Try a few times before you conclude it doesn't work.
  5. Also, note that you should charge your phone a few minutes before attempting this except you have enough juice for the steps.

FACT: This method works for most people during my research. You may be able to solve yours also with it. If it doesn’t work, try (or together with) the next method.

2. Work First on the Antecedent

If the black screen had happened because you drop your phone in a bowl of water or you’re wet, you may need to fight the water first before applying the method above.

In order to solve water issues on your phone, follow these steps.
  1. Immediately wipe the phone with a towel and clean with methylated spirit.
  2. Remove the SIM, memory card and the battery (if removable)
  3. Bury the phone inside dried rice for up to 48hours.
  4. After this, clean again with methylated spirit and couple up.
  5. If it powers, fine. See if the screen comes up. If not, follow the steps in the first method above. If it doesn’t power up, do the same and if it fails, take it to a local repair shop or service center.

3. Dry in Sun or With heat 

This will be needed only if it gets wet but you didn’t clean up and follow the dry up guide above. In order words, you’d been using the phone, after the bathe, before you noticed the screen is dead.

It's already late to be buried in dry rice by now. Cleaning up with methylated spirit may not work either. So, what next?

Dry in sun. I suggest is remove the SIM, Memory card and if possible the battery. Then, wrap the phone in a cloth and place it in the sun. Don’t place on the hot surface and avoid facing the sun with the screen. Turn the sides or back to the sun.

Let it be there for about three hours if, without battery or 2 hours if with battery. This is because much heat is not good for your battery.

Now, couple up the phone back and see if things respond. If the screen remains black, follow method 1 above.

4. Cool Off the Phone

This is where I got the solution to my own screen problem It’s funny but it works so well.

Find a zipped-wallet or bag. Put the phone inside and put it inside your refrigerator for about 2 hours. If deep freezer, 1 hour.

If you don’t have access to a refrigerator or freezer, wrap the phone in a light cloth and put in the open space on your fence, roof or window overnight. Don't mind the due or vapor. That works in place of the fridge or freezer.

Take it out and turn on. If the screen remains black, use method 1 again.

5. Hit With Hand Hammer


Just kidding!

If all doesn’t work, knock on the screen all around with your punch (hand). Not necessarily hard ones! Hit the back all around too.

Then apply the method one.


Without a problem no solutions. I may be a tech reviewer. Yet, I’m more a user like you. I experienced this and my life wasn’t the same until I got the way-out.

As for my Oneplus 6 black screen issue, the cool off method worked. Yet, it took me the application of other methods before I got there.

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